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Adobe After Effects : Dust transition

In this tutorial we will be creating a “Dust transition” in Adobe After Effects. We will be using a third party plugin called “Form” by . If you don’t have this plugin then you can downlaod this on www.redgiantsoftware.com

We wil be looking at some features of the plugin “Form” and how to create that nice dust transition in After Effects. The Dimics intro looks more like dust. That’s is because I worked with a project of 1280×720 (720p). That  why it’s looks nicer than I showed  in the tutorial.

Ofcourse motion blur increases the render time.

On the Dimics intro I render 15 minutes with mostion blur and 2 minutes without motion blur. But motion blur let’s it look so much beter so I highly recommend using that. So I hoped you enjoyed this tutorial and learnt something that you can use on you’r own projects.

*In de “Build Wipe” I made the last  transition keyframe(the 0% one) on the 6 sec that must be the 4 sec.*



Click for HD